Of recent I recieved several "hair breaking complaints" It’s been so terrible and  heartbreaking..To be honest I was also victim,I lost hair back in January and of course it was painful.

I realized that because this is a dry period a lot of moisture is that is supposed to be retained by the hair follicles is drained and hair breakage becomes more rampant.sad isn’t it? I know just relax, I’ve got five cool solutions for you listed below.

Protective styling 
One thing you should know when trying to retain hair growth is that you should do protective styling which to me is the number one key to maintaining hair growth and is also the number one key to prevent unnecessary hair breakage. Protective styling like wearing braids, making cornrows or wearing a wig or making that hair that’ll last you for about a month or two just remember to wash your braids after 2 weeks and moisturize your scalp with oil consistently to avoid hair breakage when you take the braids off.

 • Deep conditioning 
It is advisable to deep condition your hair daily or weekly. doing this gives your hair the moisture it needs throughout the harmattan period. 

• Conditioner washing(cowashing)  
I know we’re all used to using shampoo as our hairwash and all that but this time around I’ll like you to know that conditioner with a little warm water as your hairwash would avoid your hair drying this season. you want to know why? Well that’s because your hair gets dry faster after shampooing but the use of conditioners helps your hair retain moisture…remember were trying to retain moisture and with that your hair breakage this season is minimal.

 •Hair steaming 
Hmm…you’ll be needing hair mayonnaise or even the normal mayonnaise that you use for cooking. Apply all over your and cover wash out after about 30mins to an hour then you’re good to go.

 • Cover your hair
According to a bloggers post on she gives a tip from joe Ortiz, a curl cut stylist and educator …Her tip: “I recommend always covering and protecting your hair from the harsh winter elements with a hat or scarf. The wind can be brutal on the health of our hair. You can also maintain moisture by being gentle with your curls and incorporating less heat-styling”You can always have that perfect and soft hair back even in the dry season just a try out any of this steps…you'll be fine..
feel free to ask questions and even book a session with me. I’ll love to help!

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